Laptop view with caption of our Easy Online Floor Plan Drawing Tool

Getting Started

This short video covers everything you need to know to get started fast, including adding elements to the canvas, editing elements on the canvas and building your first floor plan.

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Available Canvas Elements

Sizable Shapes and Text

Sizable Shapes

Fixed Size Symbols

Fixed Size Symbols

Sizable Symbols

Sizable Symbols

Easy to Follow Instructions

Tips and Tricks

  1. A minimum screen size of 768px is required to use the drawing tool.
  2. A mouse is recommended.

Getting Started

Add an element to the canvas by clicking it's icon in the left side-bar, entering any required property values, and clicking the 'add' button.

Available actions for canvas elements:

  1. Click-hold and drag (or touch drag) an element to move it.
  2. Double-click an element to remove it.
  3. Click (or touch) an element to edit it's properties.
  4. Right-click an element to disable or enable dragging, or to copy it from the canvas.
  5. Right-click the canvas to paste a copied element.

Saving a Canvas   ('Pro' version)

At the top there are two links...
'Load Saved' and 'Save in Browser'.

  1. Click 'Save in Browser' to save the current canvas in your browser's local storage.
      (deleting browsing history deletes local storage)
  2. Click 'Load Saved' to load the canvas currently saved in your browser's local storage.

In the bottom or side area there are three buttons...
'Archive the Canvas', 'Load an Archived Canvas' and 'Delete an Archived Canvas'.

  1. Click 'Archive the Canvas' to save the current canvas in your account.
      (using an existing name overwrites the existing saved canvas)
  2. Click 'Load an Archived Canvas' to load it from your account.
  3. Click 'Delete an Archived Canvas' to delete it from your account.

Exporting a Canvas   ('Pro' version)

  1. Click '' to send to a printer or save as PDF.
  2. Click 'Export Canvas' then 'Download' to save the current canvas file to your device.

Importing a Canvas   ('Pro' version)

  1. Click 'Import a Canvas', choose a previously exported file, and click 'Upload' to load the canvas.